Male 'sexual exclusivity' linked to IQ
A new study suggests that men who are monogamous are smarter than their man-whore counterparts. The source article goes into great detail about the reasons why, which include, among others things, the suggestion that it takes a big, er, brain to overcome the evolutionary urge to hump as many mates as possible in an effort to spread one’s genetic seed. Forgive any tongue-in-cheek tone. This is just the sort of news that makes us giggle in a fit of silly smugness. The British researchers, using data collected in the US, also linked higher IQ with both liberalism as well as atheism, adding to the potential controversy.

Another amusing result: the data don’t apply to women. Apparently, our beliefs and mating habits are unrelated to how we score on an IQ test. Must be our bigger, er, corpus callosums that make it easier for us to juggle sex, smarts and spirituality. In related news, a new website, geared towards fans on monogomous relationships, has recently launched. Caling itself ',' it offers encouragement, support and information for men committed to walking the faithful path. Just because they can't spell, doesn't mean they aren't intelligent...all teasing aside, the website explains that, 'We know how to spell monogamy. That is why our theme is misspelled with a purpose...we believe the key to successful relationships is LOVE." Sounds very bright, and Modern Love, to us. This article originally appeared on If you liked this,follow me on twitter: @ModernLoveMuse. All articles ©2010 by Tinamarie Bernard; reposts permitted with link back to original article. All other rights reserved

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  • Renate Stendhal

    Very funny reporting, Tina! Keep it up and keep us posted, your posts BRIGHTen the day!