Speak of the Devil by Karla M. Jay
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Reader's Choice
November 2018
Written by
Reader's Choice
November 2018

Speak of the Devil (Speaking in Tungs Book 2) by Karla M. Jay


Marleigh Benning thinks she’s mastered being a home speech therapist in the most remote region of Pennsylvania… and that the steep learning curve is behind her. But in Speak of the Devil further surprises await around the next bend, as her six unpredictable clients throw her for another loop; her relationship with local fireman, Lawyer, heats up to alarm-level arson; and she discovers why her birth parents went underground. The biggest danger Marleigh faces as she traverses the rolling, verdant terrain, going house by house to improve speech and articulation, is her inadvertent entanglement in a clandestine heroin operation.


Speak of the Devil is the fabulous sequel to Karla M. Jay’s book, “Speaking in Tungs.” In it we have Marleigh Benning, a compassionate and caring speech pathologist. Readers follow Marleigh on her adventures in rural Pennsylvania where she has recently moved to from San Francisco, California. Out of her element, but determined to make it work, her new caseload gives her a run for her money as her, sometimes, ill-tempered patients occasionally try to thwart her. But, she always remains kind and gives them her best with her utmost dedication. Besides her quirky patients, she has a lot going on with her daily life. Her romance with the hot fireman, Lawyer, is heating up. She continues the search for her parents and finds out about a possible witness protection connection. She winds up right smack dab in the middle of another mystery that threatens her life. Her life is complicated, yet rewarding. But more than that, she is in serious danger.

Karla M. Jay has hit it out of the park with her latest book, Speak of the Devil. With lovable fun characters and great descriptive writing, what’s not to love about her books? With never a dull moment, I was completely caught up in the mystery and suspense, and Jay writes it so well. The characters are so real and endearing that I fully connected with them in a passionate way. I was drawn in with amusement by the sincerity and humor of the characters with their flaws and strengths.

The detailed writing held me captive and I fell in love with the rural setting in small town Pennsylvania, The townspeople and setting had my imaginary senses soaring. This really is a fabulous story with a sensational storyline and plot. With an unpredictable outcome, Karla M. Jayhas woven together a unique and original novel that readers will revel in. She writes with flawless capability that has a mix of mystery, comedy, excitement and emotion. The suspense is permeating and had me on the edge of my seat. What a truly amazing novel is Speak of the Devil. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this captivating book. Buy it and be glad you did.

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