VWCG Mixer: Post Your Introduction Here!
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Since we're all so shiny and new, I thought I'd kick off the thread.


My name is Jayme and I write a mixture of erotica and environmental stories. I've had one story published (through Ellorah's Cave) and hope to have more follow soon.


I'm a wife & mother to three (15/girl, 13/boy, 9/boy). We have a dog and a cat (who plot regularly to overthrow the establishment) and live down in South Florida.


So...that's me. How about you?

  • Hi Annie,

    That's funny.  My husband and I moved from San Diego and came to Seattle a few years ago. 


    I feel the rain actually helps me.  Perhaps since it's often cold and dreary, I can get a lot accomplished on my novel. :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome.






  • Hi Lisa, nice to see you here. I am born and raised in Seattle, but for the last few years I moved to L.A. Nice to see you here.
  • Thanks all for the kind welcome last week! I was unplugged for a bit and am thrilled to be back and paying attention! I look forward to getting to know all of you and reading your wonderful work.