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    Hello all!   The name of this group caught my eye at once.  Although I have hardly ever delved...s one annoying thing I've encountered in the blogging world is receiving many comments "cha...
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  • Hi – A few years ago I took my first online writing class. I had done fairly extensive (I thought) research on the various online learning options and selected the cla...
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    The job: Teaching an online course for Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. This course requires young gifted students to complete weekly readings from...
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  • Mag Dimond posted a status
    I just posted two fairly recent blog entries from my new improved website Both speak to the quirkiness of being in a human incarnation, and offer personal responses to the challenging events we're faced with in these times.
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    Hi Irene, thank you for reaching out and connecting with me! I would love to stay in touch! Finding others and starting a group sounds good to me too! Do you mind...
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    I'm on such a writing bent that I haven't check into social media lately. Working on a new book of essays, INNER LIFE OF A LATE BLOOMER BABY BOOMER. It's challenging.


  • The most frighting and challenging part of NaNoWriMo day one is putting the first sentence on the page. After that, it gets much easier!
  • Here's a head scratcher. For most of my career I have been writing non-fiction and relying on rough outlines to do so. But for my novel, Duck Pond Epiphany (thank you...
  • This is where Excel comes in. I have an sheet called BY DATE. It does what you say in #2 ... A year-round column for those that accept year round, then it goes by mont...