How Not Checking A Can Cost You A Lot Of Money?
Written by
ethel zylstra
June 2016
Written by
ethel zylstra
June 2016

This article presents you a story where a car was bought without even looking at its past record which can be easily identified and determined using a car’s VIN number or vehicle’s identification number and a complete vehicle history report can be obtained by entering the number here highlighting the real owner of the car, the accidents it met in the past and also the information about a car’s mileage.

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So what happened was that a family I know were actually shifting from one city to another in the United States and it was a really tensed situation since they did not want to shift to this city and they had an idea in mind to come back after a year or so. They had to buy a car which is cheap in price so that if they need to sell it they can easily. Thus they went for a second hand car which looked nice in its condition but did not do any research about the history of the car.

Anyway the car was good in its operation in the beginning and was bought at a very less price since it was told them by the owner that it has been repaired from scratch. When the rainy season came, they came to know that the body of the car in fact is so bad that it allows water from the bottom in case you are going speedily from water splashes or rain water ponds. They had to spend a lot of money to fix this problem of the car. Later the car started to get stopped in the middle of the road which was another drawback they had to spend money on and they were realizing that they made a mistake to get this car.

Fortunately the time came when they wanted to move back to their home city and thus decided to sell this piece of junk which was doing more harm than good and then comes the part which again cost them money. The buyer bought the car from them at a very low price but later found out that this was a stolen car and thus wanted his money back, otherwise threatened to put a case on them. Sadly they did not know that it was a stolen car and in turn had to give money back to the owner.

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