How To Use Your Food Processor For The First Time?
Written by
ethel zylstra
June 2016
Written by
ethel zylstra
June 2016

If you have a multi-purpose food processor and you have just brought it now in your home without prior knowledge about how to use the processor, this article can give you some hints about the way you can start using your food processor for chopping and cutting of your fruits or vegetables and selecting it can be seen from;

When you open your food processor, it might have been packed and not assembled. Thus the first step is to assemble the food processor using the parts you wish to use and all the instructions are written in the instructions manual for you to get started and assemble it.

After you assemble it, try to clean it so that all your fruits or vegetables are free from any germs or dirt. You should also clean the processor after every use.

Now it is good if you cut down your vegies or fruits which need to be cut into small pieces, into large chunks as obviously it would be stupid to put a whole pineapple in your processor and expecting it to be cut to shreds. Very large chunks can damage the motor of the processor.

Now just remove the lid of the processor and put all the fruits or vegies you want to cut and then cover the lid again.

The next step is to turn the processor on and it will start its operation. It is better to take small breaks and pausing the processor so that your motor is not overheated. It also helps you to ensure that all the pieces are cut evenly and into the sizes you want them to be. You can have all the type of sizes you want e.g. big sizes for salads, and very fine pieces for soups etc.

You can make your home made recipes such as kitchen ketchup and mayonnaise using a food processor in addition to your best desserts as pie crusts, ice creams, yogurts etc. in large quantities and for this it is better if you follow the recipes for these type of foods as easily can be found on the internet or you can buy handbooks for this purpose to help you make grinded meat recipes, shredding cheese to make pizza, making breads and burger patties and so on.

Try to use and clean all the parts regularly to prevent any damage.

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