Talk Twitter to Me
Written by
Janay Lampkin
February 2015
Written by
Janay Lampkin
February 2015

As a social media manager, I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "I just don't understand Twitter." So if you feel like Twitter is a foreign language, know that you are not alone. For this week's post, I have decided to pull a few very important terms from Twitter and break them down. So here they are: 7 common terms you will likely stumble upon in the world of Twitter.


A Username, like many other social networks, is how you are identified. However on Twitter, the username will always be preceded by the @ symbol (with no spaces). For example:


Hashtags can be confusing. Need a few tips on how they work? Check out this post or take a look at the tweet below for ideas on how to incorporate hashtags into your own tweets:


Adding a location to your tweet tells you followers where you were when you posted that tweet.


This occurs in a tweet by including the @ sign followed by the username. Tweets that include a mention to you can be located in your notifications.


A tweet that you forward to your followers, attaining original attribution to the original tweet.


Topics or hashtags determined (by an algorithm) to be most popular on Twitter at that moment. These can be altered to be specific to your location and who you follow.


A Twitter account that has a blue check icon next to it indicates that they are a legitimate source; these are typically public figures that experience identity confusion on Twitter.

Was this helpful?  Comment below and tell me what you struggle with most on Twitter!

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  • Thank you for this post.  Have enjoyed reading all of the comments that have followed. 

  • Thanks! Never knew about geotagging! And mentioning twitter followers is probably a good way to get their attention. Everything scrolls by so fast, and I only look at it once or twice a day.

  • Charlene Diane Jones

    Wow! ARe you ever passionate! Lol  more later...

  • Charlene Diane Jones

    Your question Cate sounds like a good blog for all of us...How attractive is passion in another person? 

    Challenge to all of us? I'd love to see some writing and share some with you all...

  • Charlene Diane Jones

    Hi Cate: I am ready to admit I grew up with the belief in the triple B theory: BS Baffles Brains and have cozily adapted this belief to my writing. I am guilty in addition of lazyness: K just means thousands! I am sorry for presenting this as though it is a term thrown around anywhere except in the confines of my imaginative mind. And I get that about the morning and coffee and keyboards...right with you, Cate! 

  • Karen Sosnoski

    Thanks, this is helpful. I started tweeting in the spring because I needed to "build a platform," but now I really love it. I've met tweeps whose perspectives I find inspiring or just plain funny. It's not super time consuming but it gives me a social boost if I need a quick break from solitary work. I respond to poetry prompts a couple times a week--#heartsoup and #fieryverse. I also read the other poets who play these word games. Overall it's a very supportive community. Like Charlene, I shun buying followers and don't follow back people selling followers. I've blocked or muted (less aggressive) people whose content I don't want to see. 

  • Charlene Diane Jones

    Love your comments Cate Warren and share your concerns Adela. One area of Twitter I think we are supposed to shun is buying know those peeps who have a kabillion k followers? Most of 'em bought and paid for it seems to me. Whenever someone follows me I check if they have thousands of K followers. If so I don't follow them..Am I just being perverse? 

  • You make Tweets sound so simple, Janay.  My biggest bit of confusion is the hashtag business. Why hashtag?  What's the purpose? Why do I care what's trending?  

  • Nick Founder

    When I first used Twitter I had no idea what I was doing. I learnt the best way to gain followers other than good content of course is to follow not just followers but followers followers. @nickfounder

  • Charlene Diane Jones

    I feel very affirmed by your statement about being confused and by the comments by you Mardith and Joanie both. I am beginning to become more comfortable with twitter but tend to be passive, ie I like when others tweet whatever I post. I love quotes and find them really easy to retweet and have others enjoy also. I also like science and find that facts seem to garner a gathering of twiiter notice. So I'm learning what seems to work for the people I'm connected with and what seems to work is what I find interesting so I like all of this! 

  • Mardith Louisell

    Fantastic. I am on Twitter (should I say "@Twitter?) but haven't done much with it yet and need help. You sized us up correctly! Thanks.

  • Joanie Chevalier

    Thank you for the quick tutorial, I need all the help I can get!  However, when I click on #hashtags "check out this post" it directs me to your LinkedIn blog.  The use of #hashtags for me is the most confusing thing about twitter!