The grandparents
Written by
Delaine Zody
July 2012
Written by
Delaine Zody
July 2012

We are not elderly, nor frail. We are in good health. Accomplished. Successful in our careers. Still lots of energy and vitality in us. Until.

Until we show up at our daughter's to babysit the two grandchildren. Ages three years and nine months. By mid afternoon we need naps. At the end of the day, a glass of beer and a quiet dinner. Falling into bed, we are asleep in minutes. When the alarm goes off at 5:30 to start another day, I moan and roll over. Why did I agree to do this for a whole week, and it's only Tuesday?

Small children need very young, healthy, smart people to care for them. It takes quick wit, quick movements, and never-ending storytelling to keep them moving forward through their day with all the accouterments necessary for living the life of a toddler. Clean clothes, good food, educational activities. And don't forget potty breaks. Or, in the case of the nine month old, diaper changes.

It never stops. Even when they are napping or sleeping, the tasks must be accomplished if the next day is to be successful. I am glad we are the grandparents. We could never make it as the parents. 

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