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5 Authors Who are Doing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Right

The gift of a writer is certainly the extraordinary ability to create magic with their fingertips on the keyboard or with pen on paper – unfortunately, none of that matters in the publishing world unless your social media game is strong (AKA: an integral part of a writer’s platform).

Some of us bards are gifted with social media savviness while admittedly, some of us are caught in the winds of digital awkwardness. Our inconsistent attempts of inviting our readers into the cocktail of our personal lives and marketing our projects. No fear, your lack of game isn’t that unusual and the best way to become a social influencer is by exploring the example of authors who are just as talented as writing as they are social media. Here are 10 tremendously inspiring authors whose Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts are worth a creative encore.   


Margaret Atwood – Twitter, Facebook

As one of the most seasoned novelists of the 20th century, celebrated feminist Margaret Atwood knows how to make a statement – and the 76-year-old’s social media prowess is no exception. She attracted more than one million followers on Twitter and her feed is a cocktail of cultural musings and literal soulfood for aspiring author and avid readers alike. Her hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans are treated to the authors equally delectable social musings, book news and total girl boss finesse.    


J.K. Rowling –  Twitter, Facebook,

This isn’t a surprise – everything Rowling touches (err, and Robert Galbraith) turns into pure gold. Her devoted army of muggles follows her everywhere and Rowling’s unfiltered Twitter feed is magical fuel for headlines and entertainment for her incredibly engaged audience. The brilliant mind behind the world’s favorite wizard is superfluous with her unapologetic political views, Harry Potter updates and personal musings. The best part: Rowling is notoriously beloved for her frequent and emotional engagement with fans.


Elizabeth Gilbert – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Just like her iconic book Eat, Pray, Love changed our lives forever, Gilbert’s heartfelt, spiritual and emotionally compelling feeds have the ability to make us feel like she’s our long lost BFF. When it comes to sharing her life, Gilbert is an open book and that’s one reason (of thousands) her readers completely adore her both online and offline.


Sarah Dessen –  Twitter, Facebook

When it comes to YA queen Sarah Dessen’s social media page, she is all about branding and connecting her readers to upcoming books. If any authors are craving inspiration on book marketing while remaining fiercely authentic to your brand (YOU), Dessen does it flawlessly. The perfect trifecta of business, humor and totally relatable humanity, her Twitter and Facebook feeds are professionally refreshing and rousing for every author.   


Susan Orlean – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

This multitalented Renaissance woman in the literary world not only dominates one or two social platforms, but she is a queen at all three. She’s so socially promising she won a Shorty Award for best author on social media. Once you devour her feeds, you’ll understand her secret: she’s relatable. She’s hopelessly obsessed with animals, shares adorable family snaps and doesn’t restrain with letting her readers and admirers see every hilarious side of her.


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