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  • They Say Dress Styles to Women, Are Like Sports To Men - Huh!
They Say Dress Styles to Women, Are Like Sports To Men - Huh!
Written by
Luna Dean
August 2019
Written by
Luna Dean
August 2019

Well it is a sensible saying, there are many different dress styles out there and there are also many different types of sports out there. Women all go crazy for their dresses and we all know how crazy men get about sports, women also enjoy browsing or window shopping and seeing all the types of new dress styles probably as much as men enjoy watching sports games, so you see there is really is a connection between the two.

Women absolutely love getting a new outfit I mean they just love it, almost as much as men love to watch a live football game or a basketball game. Another thing, have you ever seen the inside of a woman's closet? Did you ever notice how many dresses that she's got inside of there? She's got so many I bet she doesn't even wear half of them. They probably have as many dresses to be equivalent to the number of sports games that a man has seen.

When a woman sees a new dress style on the television, in the mall or even on someone who is wearing it, they get excited and talk about how much they love it, well it's the exact same for men when they are watching a sports game on the television or in real life and one of the athletes makes an awesome or unbelievable play, they would probably continue to talk about it for the rest of the day or if it's really good they might even go on about it for the rest of the week. I'm sure that you can relate to what I'm saying. Women talk about the designers and the fabric and the cut of the dresses and who they would look good on in the same way that men talk about the players and the passes and the sports games they watch.

And have you ever noticed how much women and young girls talk about how they would like to be fashion models so they can get to wear all those dresses and other klær på nett, it is the same with men and young boys they are always talking about how much they would like to be a footballer, basketball player or some type of athlete. I'm sure by now you have realized some of these things on your own and if you haven't I'm sure after reading this it now actually clicks and you see the big comparison between the two topics by now.

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