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  • It's Game Time... Get ready for the She Writes redesign!
It's Game Time... Get ready for the She Writes redesign!
Written by
Julia Barry
June 2011
Written by
Julia Barry
June 2011

Everybody stretch with me, do some downward dog, cross your fingers, and send your best vibes -- tonight is game time. I'm about to go into the technological back end of She Writes and install the redesign we've been working on! 


I'm incredibly excited about unveiling this new "look and feel," as we web developers call it.  I've been wrangling code for about a month now in our Test Network behind the scenes, and tonight is the moment of truth.  Will it work on the real SheWrites.com?! (Can she do it, folks?  And if it doesn't work, how many Red Bulls will she have to drink to stay awake and fix it?!  Just kidding.  We at She Writes believe in honoring our health as well as our deadlines.)


We're unveiling this redesign now at the time of our 2nd Anniversary to reflect how psyched we are to connect, know, read, and write with all of you.  We're grateful for your feedback and suggestions, and have incorporated them into the changes for a more streamlined, intuitive She Writes site.


Tonight if you see fonts changing, modules moving, colors morphing, buttons shimmying, or anything else funky, don't be alarmed--it's not you, it's me.  Hold onto your hats and rest assured that She Writes will be transformed overnight!  Literally.


Well, that's all for now...off I go into the hinterlands of SheWrites.com (cue mental image of computery numbers flying by Matrix-style).  Even my trail mix is ready.

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  • Eryl Shields

    Well done you! The new look is lovely and clean and fresh.

  • Zetta Brown

    Whew! I did think it was me! LOL

    Rock on--and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SW! :)