The Ups and Downs are really getting to me

I have to wonder if I'm the only new author going through this. You know like a woman who has just given birth and is having postpartum depression and doesn't know it. Really one moment I'm on top of the world about the my first book. I start feeling that I'm doing all the right things. Its just a matter of time and hey I'm not doing too bad....then I read about an author who just put out her first book and is a self-publisher and the day that the book is release she has over a thousand sells and has not promoted anything yet. She went on to say before six months she had over a million sales and a great fan base. When she did promote she revealed that she was doing the same thing that I'm doing now. Next thing I know I'm down again and wondering was it worth it. I'm now at the two month mark and really I don't have a clue how the selling is going. I will state that its steady even to the point that many are calling me to order direct and small groups are asking for hardback copies...but I'm just not feeling it.

Bottom line I maybe a little self-centered right now and I'm thinking to just keep doing what I'm doing and don't stop no matter what or to crawl up in bed and cover myself in my own book...ha,ha,ha. Oh well good thing I can blame it on old age since I am a vintage lady...he,he,he. Ok enough crying like a baby I guess its just time to put on my big girl pants and get the job done thanks for allowing me to vent. I enclosed a picture of me pulling up my big girl pants....ha,ha,ha...smooches RevLa...aka SaBrowny Rae  

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